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The spectrum of functionalities offered in an in-vehicle infotainment system does not limit to streaming multimedia, navigation and obtaining control of an HVAC system inside a car but is rather being stretched to broader horizons. The rising demands from the consumer for feature integration, technology advances in various streams such as communications, information technology and consumer electronics are soon anticipated to result in convergence of technologies. The market for NFC is rapidly emerging in Asia and globally driven by NFC-Active mobile device growth and emerging new trends in the automotive sector. Trends such as car sharing, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing, corporate fleet management and demand for personalization inside passenger cars act as the major drivers for the rapid usage of NFC based communication infotainment systems. NFC can connect vehicles and car keys to portable devices and infrastructure, opening the possibility for a broad range of innovations in the field of connected car solutions. And that’s where we ABHIPSA SYSTEMS with our vast experience and skilled team can pitch in to realize these dreams.

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We deliver key technological solutions to businesses that enable them to grow multifold

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We deliver key technological solutions to businesses that enable them to grow multifold

Body Control Module

  • Ethernet, Flex Ray, CAN based in vehicle communication.

Engine and Battery Management

  • Engine Management systems and on board diagnostics
  • Battery Management system
  • ECU Development calibration

Safety Systems

  • Active & Passive systems

Infotainment & Telematics

  • HW/SW Development
  • Platform software
  • HMI Development
  • Interoperability Testing
  • System Integration & Testing


  • Camera Based Solutions
  • Radar Based Solutions
  • Ultrasonic Based Solutions